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번호 17,736
강사이름 Bianca  
성별 여성
국적 South Africa
생년월일 1996년 01월 17일
혼인여부 Single
현 거주지 현재 남아공에 거주중
시작가능 날짜 2022년 8월 15일
선호지역 중소도시선호, 소도시  , 인천(Incheon)
선호대상 유치부선호, 초등부, 중 고등부
토요일 근무 토요일근무 원치 않음
근무 타입 Full Time
최종학력 4년제 학사
전공 Finance & Economics
교육관련 자격증 Tefl 자격증
희망급료 (월 기준) 240만원
희망숙소 원룸이나 스튜디오
강의경력 유무 강의경력 있음  (2년 경험)
한국방문 경험 유무 한국방문 경험 없음
강의경험 My educational experience began when I was a tutor at the University of KwaZulu Natal during my honours year- I loved it so much that I tested the waters of becoming a teacher straight out of campus as a pre primary school where I taught students aged 5-8 years old. After a year at the school I started a career in corporate however I remained in contact with a teacher at my previous school who afforded my the opportunity to work at her educational centre teaching young students aged 3-5. Unfortunately due to covid the school stopped operations and began working back in corporate. Through out this time I also tutored an array of students in primary and high school one on one privately in mats, accounting, english and economics. I currently tutor adults english online.
커버레터/이력서 I am a young and energetic honours graduate looking for a new adventure full of
challenges and growth. It is my absolute passion to help others using the knowledge
and experience I have gained. With my thirst for knowledge, I am absolutely thrilled
to meet and experience new people in South Korea and immerse myself in the
culture. I know that in Asia people have a thirst for knowledge and are eager to learn
and this is makes eager to uplift and motivate the students I encounter in South

As a graduate and having worked in the corporate world, I have the patience and
understanding to handle any situation. I am friendly and supportive, with the ability to
create lasting friendships with those I meet and work with and this is something I
look forward to doing in Asia. I am dedicated and excited to embark on a new journey
where I will have the opportunity to guide and enlighten youngsters in a whole new

Having worked for an international supply chain company, I have been afforded the
chance to interact with the various offices from abroad. – This has allowed me to gain
a better understanding and knowledge of cultural holidays as well as work related
differences around the world.

Throughout my academics, I have done my utmost to achieve and I have always
gone the extra mile to achieve both my goals and the help others achieve theirs, this
is the same mentality I plan to have when teaching in South Korea.

My role as a tutor in my postgraduate year enhanced my confidence and aided my
ability to influence and help others. It has taught me patience and the ability to adapt
my teaching skills to fit the students I have at hand.

I know that this journey will be a challenge, but I am dedicated to embarking on this
passage of both self- development while assisting in the development of growth and
education for others throughout the world.

My enthusiasm and love of being around others has cultivated in my new desire to
teach abroad and I look forward to this opportunity.
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