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번호 16,680
강사이름 Narita  
성별 여성
국적 UK
생년월일 1998년 11월 12일
혼인여부 Single
현 거주지 현재 영국에 거주중
시작가능 날짜 2021년 9월 1일
선호지역 명시하지 않음  , 부산(Busan)
선호대상 유치부선호, 초등부
토요일 근무 토요일근무 원치 않음
근무 타입 Full Time
최종학력 3년제 학사
전공 Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear
교육관련 자격증 Tefl 자격증
희망급료 (월 기준) 190만원
희망숙소 원룸이나 스튜디오
강의경력 유무 강의경력 없음  
한국방문 경험 유무 한국방문 경험 없음
강의경험 I have attended schools in the United Kingdom for the past 10+ years. I graduated from the University of the Arts London: LCF in 2020 with upper second honours. I have no formal teaching experience, only private tutoring I took up during my free time at uni. Students were aged 15-19 and I taught them english grammar.
커버레터/이력서 Whilst navigating through my educational journey, I have always had a strong desire to work with children. With this in mind, I became motivated to help children develop skills which would benefit them in today’s English-centric climate. Due to the way in which the world is moving, I believe English is a vital trait to acquire and every child should be given an opportunity to learn it. I first noticed a need for EFL teaching during my time at University. International students often needed grammatical aid which prompted me to take on private tutoring. From this experience, teaching EFL stood out as the perfect chance to share the knowledge I possess with others as well as broaden my own educational experience. Making a difference in others lives by nurturing and expanding their abilities is a very fulfilling journey to partake in, for both myself and the students. While students will be introduced to a new skill, the classroom environment will also allow for me to develop strong foundational skills in communication and presenting.

Korea first stood out to me due to the country’s impressive reputation of their educational system. I believe teaching in a country which holds their education to such a high regard would best benefit my career as a teacher, whilst simultaneously providing the utmost for its students.
After spending the majority of my time in education, I have learned that each student is unique and a well stimulated classroom environment must be provided to nurture their educational curiosity. Stemming from this idea, my teaching philosophy strongly focuses on the teacher being able to create a space where students can grow mentally and emotionally in order to reach their full potential. Although the teacher will be viewed as the leading authoritative figure, I believe students also play a role in creating such an environment. If students feel that their opinions are valued, a more balanced outcome will be produced where both parties will feel appreciated. This way of collaborative working will make the classroom experience more engaging whilst also increasing student talking time (STT). It is crucial that STT outweighs TTT (teacher talking time) in order to avoid loss of student involvement which can lead to a lack of concentration and increased boredom. My teaching philosophy also has a strong emphasis on utilising varied teaching methods and strategies. As mentioned previously, every student is unique and work best with their own preferred learning style. Some students may be visual leaners whilst others prefer learning verbally. As a teacher, it is vital that various teaching methods are present in the classroom in order to successfully target each student and encourage participation. Lastly, it is my belief that a teacher plays the unspoken duty of a role model to their students. Other than providing educational information, behaviour and social awareness
should also be communicated in order to guide students to reach their full potential as contributing members of society.

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