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1. Length of contract
      - Generally contracts are for 1 year due to visa issuance with the possibility of
        renewal at the end of contract period.

2. Working days
      - working days are generally Monday thru Friday, but some institute opens on Saturdays.        

3. Working hours
      - It varies from institute to institute, but normally they offer 40 classes/week( 40
        minutes/class) or 30 classes/week (50 minutes/class)

4. Students
      - Students ranges from 5-14 years old (kindergarten to middle school)
      - Normally will have 10-15 students per class

5. Materials
      - Institutes will provide teaching materials.

6. Salary
      - It ranges from 1.8 to 2.5 million won/month depend on your career and experience.

7. Overtime
      - It ranges from 17,000-25,000 won per hour.
      - Normally overtime kicks in after completing 120 hours of teaching/month

8. Medical insurance
      - Institutes will provide medical insurance to all employees as required by Korean
        government regulation.
      - Costs of medical insurance coverage will be borne half by employer and employee

9. Severance pay
      - When you complete your one year contract, you will receive bonus pay equivalent
        to your one month salary.
      - No severance will be paid if employment period is less than one year with contract
        Signed institute.

10. Housing
      - Rent free housing will be provided by employer
      - Housing ranges from single apt to 2-3 bedroom apartment(shared)
      - Housing will be fully furnished.
      - Utilities are teacher’s responsibility
      - Some apartments will charge management fee

11. Vacation
      - Normally, institutes will provide 10-15 days of vacation per/year, excluding
        Korean national holidays.

12. Taxes & deduction
      - Most employers will withhold income tax(3-4% of salary), resident tax ( 10% of
        income tax), national-plan contribution (4.5% of salary) and national health
        insurance premium (2% of salary)
      - If you are citizens of U.S. or Canada, then pension contribution will be fully
        refunded when you leave Korea.

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