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Posted : 10-07-15
New immigration policy for criminal record check for Jan 2011
 Posted by : ESL AGENT

New policy for Criminal Record Check(refered to as CRC herin after) for Jan 2011:

We have just found out from the Korean immigration that a new criminal

background check requirement will be passed and will take effect January first

of 2011.

The biggest change is the requirement of a Nationwide CRC.

Korean immigration currently accepts Statewide CRC's, but it will no longer accept

them starting on January 1st of 2011. 

Also if you are currently here in Korea, and if you want to continue with your
current school, re-sign with another school, transfer to a different school,  or simply
add a part time job to your current work place, you will need to submit a new

Nationwide CRC.


If you are currently in Korea with an E2 and you want to extend your contract with

your current school next year (2011), but the CRC you submitted this year or last

year was a STATEWIDE CRC, you will have to submit a new NATIONWIDE CRC in
order to extend with your current school.


If you are currently in Korea with an E2 and you want to sign a new contract with 

a new school next year (2011), but the CRC you submitted this year was a

, you will have to submit a new NATIONWIDE CRC in
order to sign with your new school.

So think of it like this. If you have submitted only a STATEWIDE CRC this year and

you, or anything pertaining to you has go through immmigrations next year for any

reason you will need a NATIONWIDE CRC


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