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번호 14,162
강사이름 Chante  
성별 여성
국적 USA
생년월일 1993년 05월 29일
혼인여부 Single
현 거주지 현재 기타지역에 거주중
시작가능 날짜 2019년 2월 25일
선호지역 대도시선호  , 경기(Gyunggi)
선호대상 모든대상
토요일 근무 토요일근무 원치 않음
근무 타입 Full Time
최종학력 4년제 학사
전공 Psychology
부전공 Women and Gender Studies
교육관련 자격증 Tefl 자격증
희망급료 (월 기준) 230만원
희망숙소 원룸이나 스튜디오
강의경력 유무 강의경력 있음  (3년 경험)
한국방문 경험 유무 한국방문 경험 없음
강의경험 I spent 1.5 years in Japanese Eikaiwa teaching conversational english. I also spent roughly 1.5 years teaching at a Japanese preschool.
커버레터/이력서 Dear Human Resources Personnel,
As a Native English Teacher with a passion and dedication for teaching English, I am eager to contribute to work in Korea. By encouraging students to practice English conversation and provide a lens to American culture. I possess a strong interest in teaching the English language in addition to strong skills in the areas of communication, organization, problem solving, and creativity. I am a strong candidate for this position because I possess the aforementioned skills coupled with previous experience that will contribute to my success in the classroom and make me a great asset to any workplace.
As a Native English Teacher in Japan, I acquired a plethora of experience in teaching, classroom management, and lesson planning. My daily responsibilities consisted of communicating with fellow Native English Teachers and Japanese Teachers, conducting/assisting with interviews of potential candidates for positions at the school, performing trial lessons for prospective students, conducting model lessons for the staff and management, writing progress reports and report cards, maintaining sanitary conditions of the school, and completing miscellaneous tasks to support the goals of the company (i.e. creating posters, contacting parents/students, and passing out flyers). On average, I planned and taught over thirty lessons per week to students ranging in age from two years old to forty. Many of the lessons were personalized to prepare students for study abroad trips and English proficiency tests, such as Eiken, Judo Eiken, TOEIC, and TEAP.
My responsibilities often required me to collaborate with teachers to create personalized lessons that would accurately suit the needs of each student with regard to grammar, conversation skills, vocabulary, writing, reading, and phonics. During seasonal events or festivals, I successfully created interactive educational activities for students as the co-leader of these projects. Throughout my experience, I have established and built rapport with all of my students, their parents, and the staff. I eagerly look forward to utilizing my skills and creating connections with the students, parents, and staff via my lessons in the classroom and my immersion into the daily life in Korea. 
Thank you for your time, consideration, and the opportunity to pursue a teaching position. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience for more information or any questions that may arise via email at ChanteLewis@gmail.com.

Chante Lewis
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