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번호 14,078
강사이름 David  
성별 남성
국적 USA
생년월일 1964년 05월 09일
혼인여부 Single
현 거주지 현재 미국에 거주중
시작가능 날짜 2017년 3월 1일
선호지역 대도시선호  , 서울(Seoul)
선호대상 초등부선호, 중 고등부, 성인
토요일 근무 토요일근무 가능
근무 타입 Full Time
최종학력 4년제 학사
전공 Philosophy/History/Social Science
부전공 Anthropology/Classics
교육관련 자격증 TESOL 자격증
희망급료 (월 기준) 230만원
희망숙소 원룸이나 스튜디오
강의경력 유무 강의경력 있음  (10년 경험)
한국방문 경험 유무 한국방문 경험 있음
강의경험 I am well versed in helping the student with idiomatic and colloquial speech and try to help them persuade their listeners with strong conviction but with a personal style that they can rely on. I can teach simple conversation and Business English with or without including the basics of grammar and vocabulary but if necessary this can be incorporated into the lesson plans. I have used textbooks, which may be beneficial for public schools and Universities or private schools with a program and have created my own lesson plans as well.

    I have also worked extensively with young children of all ages and have developed an understanding of them fostering their care, learning and entertainment in the learning process. I believe they learn best and will focus on the instructor if they feel at ease and comfortable with their piers this makes the classroom a safe and secure learning place.
My early experience with conversational English dealt with teaching adults for companies such as Sansung, Aju University and adult speaking English schools. At these intuitions I learned how to adjust to the needs of the adults through specified needs with their requirements (news articles, specific grammar language books and free speech usually 8-10 students or one on one. Much of the information taught with cultural interaction and exchanging ideas and life experiences through the use of the English language.

My experience with kindergarten and elementary goes far and wide with substantial lesson plans,reading,grammar and language knowledge and games developed in context with the needs of the children being taught. Much preparation with  events and speech presentations were used to develop strength for public speaking (for later life experience) and interaction with friends, piers and parents to support the needs of the child/children. Most of all I try to create a happy progressed environment for the child's ambitions and aspirations.

Public schools and middle school students mostly as stated above however as I worked for many Hawkwons. One in particular I was contracted out as a public school ESL teacher to Hanter elementary school located in Jongin, Korea and Donating New city near Chennon city, Tai-Jaing elementary School and finally I held a one year contract with Ilsandong Junghakgyo, Middle School. My experience there working with teachers, principals and staff has given me great prospects in learning the system of the ministry of education and the classroom format with co-teaching and single teacher classes. I have participated in events with parents and for holidays with the school and community as it was an enlightening experience. Most classroom preparation was done in accordance with the school English teacher or done on my own. Summer and winter programs were also created by myself with proper language grammar and games and events.

My Adult education classes couple with many students from Medical Doctors, Engineers, University, students, High School Students, and many other professional working people from South Korea. hers classes were structured in accordance with the school or company with textbook learning or general conversation and speech adjusted to the students level and or taste or general interaction with cultural differences and familiar ideas such as food, living, employment, laws and regulations and humor and media.

Presently I am finishing a two year contract with a Hawkwon at Gimcheon, Gyeongsandbuk-do, Korea. My experience here in Korea has taught me a great deal about customs and practices of the country and its language. I am familiar with many cities and am aa great help to other foreigners in their needs an learning as well.
커버레터/이력서     I am applying for position as an ESL teacher to help others learn and educate themselves for the continued use of English as a second language.
    I have been in Korea for about Ten years it has been a very challenging experience. Being a foreign citizen and learning the culture is a process of education all by itself since education is a life learning process. Studying a foreign language in its real form (on the street, in the place, right in Korea) allows for intercultural absorption and winning the influence of new friends and colleagues. My second home is a place where I have begun a new life and it has changed my perspective dramatically.
    I believe education is a tool that the student can use for others to comprehend for their world and to seek a civil life with others within their community. Education should be a process of advancement for the student allowing the student to understand the world and help others at the same time. Our language is our key to significantly broaden our intelligence as a people; we need this in our world if our children are to accept the new learning we challenge them with.
    Teaching a language I believe has the power to help the student seek out new paths of life whether it is following a university track, working outside, helping others or learning a skilled trade. The ability to speak is found in universal form and the student can apply this in every situation they encounter; thus they will want to do the same with others for the support of a better way of life.
    My experience with the culture here in Korea has brought me to a much larger outlook on life since I found it to value the experience of the foreign person with the values of themselves. This way of life has allowed me to discover the culture as bright new and wider. The acceptance of my language is most prevalent and its use as comfortable within the culture.
    Teaching English to foreign students should have support for listening, reading and speaking and the classroom is a special tool to advance this learning. However the student needs care in connection with the teacher and the surroundings with his/her classmates thus learning will become interactive with one another and the teachers role will go beyond the classroom as the student identifies with the language, people and setting of their life and home. If the teacher uses care in support of the child, with the use of language and their relationship to the child the teaching of the language will become easier to comprehend and its absorption will allow the child to use their own skills as well as the teachers.
    I wish to keep teaching in other areas of the world and help those who can maintain a strong willingness to learn my language for the success of the child, teacher and for all of those around who will benefit with interpersonal communication; teaching English has the ability to enlighten the youth and fortify the children to seek a more peaceful accepting way of life. I hope you will consider me to continue teaching in Korea in the near future so that I will be able to help others and support Korea for its culture and learning.
                                                              David B Hodge
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