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번호 14,076
강사이름 Nelressa  
성별 여성
국적 USA
생년월일 1979년 07월 16일
혼인여부 Married
현 거주지 현재 미국에 거주중
시작가능 날짜 2016년 12월 28일
선호지역 대도시선호  , 서울(Seoul)
선호대상 중 고등부선호, 성인
토요일 근무 토요일근무 원치 않음
근무 타입 Full Time
최종학력 석사
교육관련 자격증 CELTA 자격증
희망급료 (월 기준) 260만원
희망숙소 원룸이나 스튜디오
강의경력 유무 강의경력 있음  (9년 경험)
한국방문 경험 유무 한국방문 경험 있음

Nelressa Monique Faye
2550 Akers Mill Road SE Atlanta, Georgia 30339  nelressa@gmail.com 470-383-4301
As an EFL teaching professional I am looking to broaden life experience while enhancing the lives of learners through enriching education and support. I am in search of an academic department that is harvesting teamwork and leadership skills for employees with openness and holistic approaches.
❖ Masters in TESOL, Marlboro Graduate School, Brattleboro, VT 2015
❖ CELTA – University of Cambridge ESOL 2011
❖ Bachelor of Science in Media Communications, Morgan State University, Baltimore MD 2002
Kennesaw State University - Intensive English Program - Kennesaw, GA  8/2015 - Presently
● Usage of humanistic Second Language Teaching methodologies to engage learners.
● Holistic approaches to teaching writing through current cultural and experiential techniques.
● Proctoring, grading, and creating exams for learners.
● Working one-on-one with professors to improve language skills from universities abroad.

Interlink /EGA/Technical Vocational Training Colleges – Riyadh KSA Women’s Program
English Instructor/College Coordinator 4/2012 to 6/2015
● Taught English language using US curriculum for adults.
● Practical usage of holistic approaches for teaching graduate students.
● Facilitated and created group projects, presentations, shows, and events held by students.
● Coordinated with businesses around town and created a student internship program.
● Proctored tests and marked college exams.

PPP ADEC Bayaat Al Rashwa Public School (Sabis Company) First Grade ­
Gayathi, Abu Dhabi UAE
English/Math/Science Teacher 9/2010 to 7/2011
● Created interactive lessons to engage students in speaking and writing.
● Created lesson plans and tests weekly according to US and UAE standard curriculum.
● Helped special needs learners daily with learning worksheets.
● Worked intensively with Arabic speaking, first generation students that attended the school.

Total Learning Center (TLC) Wit and Sam Grade K – Adult Classes ­
Gimhae, South Korea
English/Writing Teacher 3/2008 to 7/2010
● Created interactive lessons to engage students in speaking, writing, and using Internet.
● Created writing exercises, read stories, and made lesson plans according to curriculum.
● Established TLC's first newsletter with students along with weekend marketing.
● Instructed TLC Korean teachers in writing to help improve their skills for class.

Scholastic, Inc. ­ New York, NY
Assistant Project Manager/Marketing Coordinator 10/04 to 12/06
● Edited web copy for SRC Online (Scholastic Educational Program) and newsletters.
● Orchestrated collateral development for sales and marketing.
● Managed print catalogs, direct marketing mailings, convention invitations, and online projects, in preparation for major trade shows.
● Organized and compiled competitive data for online marketing projects like SRC, to ensure well thought out strategies increase department sales.

East Orange Community Charter School ­ East Orange, New Jersey
Elementary School Teacher 09/02 to 06/04
● Created essay assignments to introduce various writing techniques to students.
● Wrote and taught lesson plans according to U.S. Educational curriculum including math, science, literature, reading, geography and social studies.
● Proctored and corrected exams according to US standard curriculum.

● CELTA awarding body University of Cambridge ESOL  2011
● Certified and Licensed Teacher for grades K-­12    2003
College English Program

Dear Director,

I would like to apply for the English Instructor position with your university. I currently work in the IEP program part time at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia-USA as an ESL Instructor to learners from around the world. Also, I've lived abroad for 8 years in South Korea, United Arab Emirates, and in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, I earned a MA TESOL from Marlboro Grad School in Vermont-USA where my thesis, conferences, and essays focused on exploring culture and the need for diversity in Higher Education. I hope to continue my career in TESOL by earning a doctorate in the field of Linguistic Anthropology using Contemplative Practices where my research will focus on diversity in US Education and TESOL.

I also earned my B.A. in Communications at the University of Morgan State in Baltimore, Maryland. I have a US teaching license, University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate certification and close to a decade of classroom experience. My current position is also as an online Business English consultant for top VIP clients and physicians with TutorABC.com of Taiwan.

I am proud to have worked in a student-centered environment using alternative styles and methods to support English language acquisition to learners from around the world. In return, I am learning that my style of teaching is the same way that I learn, which has been a helpful and fun part of my teaching journey. I would love to share my methods of inspiring students with holistic approaches to learning. I can also assistant in areas of training, editing, coordinating, and curriculum if needed as I have in previous roles.

I was recently voted top 5 in a 250 ranking of US teachers in North America by my company TutorABC.com in which I was awarded a bonus. My hobbies are writing and editing in which I edited three manuscripts this year for international authors. I volunteer my time to help out at the Syrian refugee camp in Georgia by teaching English and supporting their transition into US lifestyle. I also have relations with international professors, ambassadors, and socialites that add a bit of color to my friend repertoire. I believe my unique background and diverse experience would generate a high response in helping to diversify your English department. With a world of knowledge allow me the opportunity to share more with you.

Mrs. Nelressa Faye, MA TESOL
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